, a next-generation payments platform, and Aryza, a leading provider of financial software solutions have reached a significant milestone in their collaboration. Building on a partnership spanning over six years, the expanded alliance is bringing advanced data-driven collection and disbursement options to Aryza’s lending division, enriching the end-to-end payment process from collections to treasury services.

The overarching objective of the partnership is to empower Aryza’s clients with enhanced knowledge, innovation, and expertise, particularly in the crucial domain of collecting and processing payments. In a highly regulated environment, the partnership aims to optimise loan book performance and governance for Aryza’s diverse client base.

Aryza and collaborate closely to offer automated disbursements, streamlining the user journey within Aryza’s products. This strategic collaboration allows businesses to maximise collection success rates and seamlessly navigate payment processes.

In addition, have recently delivered their award-winning Hosted Checkout integration into Aryza’s Microservices technology stack. This integration allows all of Aryza’s platforms, including the insolvency division, to gain access to market-leading products and full optionality when it comes to payment methods.

Andrea Varga, Head of Innovation at Aryza, stated “The process of onboarding and integrating Acquired payment solutions into Aryza’s microservices was one of the smoothest integrations we have ever had. Acquired provided well-written and simple-to-follow Portal and API documentation for our development team to work with, and their team was extremely responsive to any queries that our team had. Their code base and its readability were clear and precise. After many integrations we have completed, we can wholeheartedly say that this was without a doubt one of the easiest integrations that we have done.”

Aryza’s clients, including Go Car Credit, have experienced transformative benefits through this partnership. Many were using legacy payment gateways that faced sunset in 2022, prompting merchants to find a new provider and switch to

Through the partnership, customers’ personal and card information was migrated to, helping Aryza create an API tool to migrate merchants’ data automatically. After conducting the relevant checks, the merchant was switched on LIVE immediately, resulting in a clean switch and smooth transition to in seconds, with minimal downtime and no need to re-tokenise card details.

Go Car Credit, among other merchants, reported a significant increase in authorisation rates, between 5-8%, and gained enhanced visibility into transaction declines, leading to a more effective collection process.

Key benefits to Aryza’s customers include an increase in payment processing and collections. Getting payments and managing the arrears process with consumer duty has also enabled more of Aryza’s customers to reduce attrition rates and improve customer outcomes. It addresses the challenge of implementing Open Banking, allowing one-off payments via’s proprietary Pay by Bank solution, which allows consumers to pay what they can afford in a secure way from a bank account of their choice.

Through’s white-labeled solution, Aryza’s customers now also benefit from an improved overall experience, as they can offer their clients convenient and secure payment options. The partnership also facilitates faster payment clearance rates, addressing challenges associated with slow time to cash for clients. Moreover, Aryza’s customers experience improved cash flow management, offering diverse payment methods and ensuring customers can pay according to their ability.

Martin Prigent, Group Director of Partnerships and Key Customer Relationships at Aryza, commented “The transition of our customers from their previous payment platform presented a considerable risk for Aryza. The steadfast ownership and unparalleled expertise demonstrated by throughout the project were pivotal factors in its successful execution. The impact of this initiative is a vastly content Aryza customer base, setting the stage for a prospective and enduring partnership between Aryza and as we both advance and refine our business models. Aryza recognises as an invaluable partner, attributing this distinction to a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and, perhaps even more significantly, impeccable delivery.”

AJ Davison, Senior Partner Manager at, said “At, we are thrilled to be an integral part of Aryza’s transformative journey in the financial software solutions landscape. The partnership symbolises a commitment to financial innovation, customer-centric solutions, and improved operational efficiency.

The seamless integration of our payment platform into Aryza’s products and Microservices technology stack is a testament to our shared dedication to prioritising the customer’s needs. As we look toward the future, is excited about the continued growth and development of our partnership with Aryza. We are committed to delivering innovative technology and impeccable service, solidifying our position as a key partner in Aryza’s mission to empower clients, reduce attrition rates, and improve overall customer outcomes.”

About have built a next-generation, unified platform that offers access to cutting-edge technology and data insights to power recurring commerce. The platform offers full payment life cycle management, including Pay by Bank, card processing, direct debit, and sending and receiving payments. Our exceptional sector expertise and a highly tailored service enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage to accelerate their growth.

With our market-leading technology and multi-acquiring strategy, we digitise and streamline payments, customising our solutions to align with the individual needs of each customer. We pride ourselves on our advisory approach, providing best-in-class service with a view to resolving complex challenges. Embed efficient payments into your organisation to improve liquidity, drive operational efficiency, and create a superior user experience for your customers. are an FCA-regulated business, an EMD Agent, and a licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider.

About Aryza

Aryza is a provider of end-to-end, mission-critical automation software to business customers in regulated industries, focused on the lending, credit, debt recovery, and insolvency sectors. Aryza’s solutions automate a wide range of back and middle office activities including customer data collection, administration, and payment processing, covering every stage of the debt cycle. Its scalable technology platform is capable of meeting high volume, high complexity needs and helps customers significantly increase efficiency while ensuring compliance with local legislation. Aryza’s solutions are underpinned by unrivalled expertise and powerful data and are designed to have a positive impact on the financial health and wellbeing of customer’s customers around the world. Since its foundation in 2002, the business has grown rapidly. Today it has global operations across four continents.