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How it works

Using our hosted product or your own user interface, your customers can authenticate and approve payments through their bank without having to enter card details or enter further credentials. After payment is initiated, the funds are settled into your bank account immediately.

  • Customer selects their bank provides consent to initiate payment
  • Customer authenticates and approves the payment
  • Payment is initiated and the funds are settled

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Key Benefits

Our team of payments experts know the problems you face and how to solve them. That's why we have created our Pay by Bank solution which provides a quick, simple checkout journey, so your customers can authorise payments efficiently.

Unlike card payments, with instant bank transfer there is no built-in chargeback mechanism meaning you are protected from buyers committing chargeback fraud.

Own the end-to-end customer journey by customising the payment flow so that it matches the look and feel of your brand, providing a more seamless user journey and ensuring the customer feels comfortable making the payment.

Don’t wait days to receive your funds - using the Faster Payments network we’ll settle your money in an instant and provide you with notifications in real-time.

icon Key benefits

Simplified. Streamlined. Secure.

Our Pay by Bank solution can be used in combination with traditional card payments, providing more options for your customers.

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Speedy Reconciliation

Funds will be instantly settled so you can view transactions immediately in the Hub. We also send you a notification in real-time when you receive a payment to enable speedy reconciliation and immediate pay-outs.

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Lower Costs

Deliver cost savings for your business, without interchange fees or scheme fees our open banking solution could save you up to 85% compared to the cost of processing card payments.

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What is the advantage for your customers?

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Remove the friction that 3D Secure creates for your customers at checkout by leveraging the simpler authentication methods that our solution provides.

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With our Pay by Bank product customers don't have to manually enter their card details or their bank account information, creating a faster and more streamlined customer experience.

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Allow your customers to authenticate and approve your payments from within their mobile banking app or banks online portal, helping them feel more secure when making a payment.

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While card payments refunds can take several days, with instant bank payments sending refunds to customers couldn’t be easier, our solution uses real-time refunds which deliver an improved customer experience.