Next-generation payments infrastructure powering recurring commerce

Our story

Founded in 2015, was born from a relentless dedication to customers and their business goals. At the heart of lies a commitment to empowering businesses with next-generation payments solutions and the essential industry expertise they need to thrive in the digital economy.

Providing a unified solution combined with a highly personalised service, we give competitive advantage to our customers in an industry too often reliant on disjointed solutions. Our mission is to become a fundamental part of the payments infrastructure for recurring commerce, anticipating and responding to the evolving needs of our customers.

June 2016 founded in London, UK

January 2016

Became a Visa and Mastercard accredited Payment Service Provider

September 2019

Became an EMD agent

December 2019

Gained our Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) License

April 2021

Integrated with Apple Pay and Google Pay

December 2021

Partnered with Barclaycard

January 2022

Partnered with Shift4

March 2022

Proprietary Pay by Bank solution launched

September 2022

Partnered with Worldpay

August 2023

Partnered with Lloyds

January 2024

Pay by Bank at the Point of Sale solution launched in the UK

March 2024

Direct Debit solution launched

Our Leadership Team

  • Gregory Cox, CEO, Quint Group

    Gregory Cox

    Group CEO

  • Anuj Bhatnagar

    Anuj Bhatnagar

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Matt Whetton

    Matthew Whetton

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Sheraz Afzal

    Sheraz Afzal

    Legal, Risk and Compliance Director

  • team

    Anna Chandler

    Fractional Marketing Director

  • Richard

    Richard Murphy

    Product Director

  • Mark

    Mark Johnson

    Commercial Director

  • Winnie

    Winnie Man

    Human Resources Director

Our Values

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    We are open, transparent and honest with our people, customers and partners. We treat everyone fairly and with respect to deliver positive outcomes. We value the communities we work in and positively support their development.

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    We are passionate about our products, our people and our customers; we have the drive and determination to deliver exceptional results for all.

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    We continually innovate, encouraging new ideas and progressive thinking to ensure we deliver market leading solutions for customers and to enable us to deal with the challenges we face.

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    We aspire to be excellent in all we do. With a strong desire to win, we consistently work to deliver exceptional technology, service and results.

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