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Streamline your transactions

Apple Pay provides a secure payment method and simplified checkout experience by storing payment information on the user's device and authenticating the user via Face ID or Touch ID.

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PSD2 SCA-compliant meaning you don't need to utilise 3-D Secure before authorising the payment.

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Works with many of the major credit and debit cards from the leading banks on specific devices and browsers


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Effortless, secure online purchases

Empower your customers with frictionless card payments and increase conversions with multiple payment methods.

“Acquired's uncomplicated, multi-acquirer Apple Pay gives them a real edge in the market. As a business, we want to make each interaction "truly transactional" for every merchant and every acquirer, Acquired's solution supports us in doing this. - James Garner, CEO, Sticky“

icon Implementation

Accepting Apple Pay

The Acquired.com hub provides a step-by-step guide to add Apple Pay as a payment method, depending on the needs of your business.

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On your website

When processing Apple Pay on the Web, you can make use of Acquired.com’s certificates. This means you won’t require an Apple Developer account and can avoid the complex process of certificate management

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On your IOS app

For Apple Pay in-App payment processing, including through the Acquired SDK, our detailed guide can help you create a payment processing certificate