Driving payment innovation in the insurance industry

When it comes to perfecting the payments journey, happier customers translate into higher win-rates for insurers. Acquired.com can accelerate your business growth by optimising the end-to-end payment process from deposits through to claim payouts. 

Supporting the end-to-end payments journey




Premium Payments

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Our Solution

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Offer a variety of payment options including Pay by Bank and Digital Wallets to improve your set up for taking payments and increase collection success rates.



Rapidly disburse funds on behalf of your insurance partners through our banking services, ensuring customers receive funds in a timely manner.

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Use our Account Updater solution to maintain up-to-date customer card information and ensure the steady processing of transactions every month.

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Acquired consultative approach Why work with us?

A Consultative Approach

At Acquired, our customer experience comes first. The insurance sector is a complex space with a number of organisations involved in the flow of funds. We pride ourselves on our tailored service with a view to resolving our clients unique payment challenges, and provide regular reporting and transaction analysis in order to help optimise your payment processing and improve your authorisation rates where possible.

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Maximise payment success rates

Optimise your collections with multiple payment methods and automated tools. Our payment Hub is designed specifically to improve business’ efficiency and enable highly informed decision-making when receiving and collecting card payments.

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Multiple payment options allow your customers to pay however they want, improving your set up for taking card payments

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Our expert approach establishes the optimal time to take payments in order to maximise success rates

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Optimising your payments ecosystem

In addition to traditional card payments, we provide your customers with alternative payment options in order to make payments more convenient and maximise revenue opportunities for your business.

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Open Banking

Our Pay by Bank solution provides speedy, transparent, and secure account-to-account payments, minimising payment delays by allowing your customers to conveniently pay for premiums and special services via their bank account.

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Digital Wallets

Acquired.com offer a variety of payment options including Apple Pay & Google Pay to improve your set up for taking payments and increase collection success rates.


Banking Services

With automated claim payout processes and better control over disbursements & the flow of funds, our banking services put you in control, helping move money faster and at a lower cost, supported with real-time updates.