’s Hosted Checkout solution keeps convenience in mind, making the entire checkout process easier, faster, smarter and better for everyone.  It’s a cost-effective way to improve your brand, creating a secure checkout experience for both customers and businesses.

A wide range of payment options can be accessed through Hosted Checkout, enabling you to add the preferred payment methods of your customers to your payments ecosystem. Not only will this improve the customer checkout experience, but you’re also likely to increase your checkout success rate, providing benefits across the board.

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Hosted Checkout: What Is It and How Does It Work?’s new Hosted Checkout solution is an innovative version of a traditional hosted payment page (sometimes known as an external checkout or third-party checkout page). It’s an easy to use payment solution that can be speedily integrated into your ecommerce platform.

Some of the payment methods that can be used through Hosted Checkout include:

With Hosted Checkout, the solution is prebuilt and fully hosted by We take care of the handling and storage of payment details entered by customers, so you don’t have to.

All major payment methods

Make your checkout easier, faster, smarter and better for everyone.

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Credit & Debit Cards

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Apple Pay & Google Pay


Pay by Bank

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Buy Now Pay Later


When making a purchase using our hosted payment solution, the customer journey follows these steps:

  1. When a customer decides they want to purchase something from you, they will add their chosen products to their basket.
  2. After clicking the ‘checkout’ button, the customer will be automatically redirected to your Hosted Checkout page.
  3. The customer then selects their preferred payment method, from credit & debit card, digital wallets and Open Banking payment.
  4. The customer then enters the requested payment data and completes the authentication process with their chosen payment method.
  5. The transaction will be marked as completed and the customer will be redirected back to a payment outcome page.

Hosted Checkout is an easy to use hosted payment solution for both business and customer. Our hosted checkout is effortless to integrate, using a pre-built design that seamlessly matches your existing business branding through customisable design features.

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Explore Our Hosted Checkout Solution: The Benefits of Using's Hosted Checkout Within Your Business’s pre-built Hosted Checkout solution offers a range of compelling benefits, streamlining your payments by enhancing trust and boosting conversion rates.

Let’s explore how this cutting-edge technology can give you the upper hand in the world of business.

Multiple Payment Methods via a Single Integration

Offering a wide range of payment options is imperative for any modern business, catering to the needs of your customer base. If you don’t include a customer’s preferred payment method at checkout, you may lose that custom to one of your competitors who does.

However, you also want to avoid having a complicated checkout process, as this may confuse your customers and lead to increased cart abandonment. Hosted Checkout mitigates these issues by offering multiple payment methods via a single integration, enabling you to offer a variety of payment methods for your business. Instead of having to undertake separate integrations for each payment type, Hosted Checkout provides a seamless solution for all.

The major payment methods included within our Hosted Checkout solution include:

  • Debit card and credit card payments
  • Open Banking transactions (Pay by Bank)
  • Digital wallet and mobile payments, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay

It’s important to understand how your customers want to pay. By adding diversity to your checkout, you’ll reduce cart abandonment for people with different payment preferences. Potential customers are more likely to make a purchase from you, instead of your competitors.

The benefits of Hosted Checkout aren’t just for consumers though – as a business, you can also take advantage. It’s an incredibly easy system to use, allowing you to effortlessly add new payment options with the touch of a button. Customising the branding of the checkout is also effortless, enabling you to create a unique style that fits the look and feel of your business well.

If potential customers are directed to another site for payment and the branding is inconsistent, this may discourage them from completing the transaction. Misaligned branding can confuse people and may damage the trust between you and your customers. Statistics show that 67% of customers must trust your brand to keep purchasing from you, so it’s important to get this right.

Secure and feature-packed

Hosted Checkout backed by PCI compliance and rigorous security measures.


PCI Compliant




Dashboard Reporting


Tech Support


Payments + Banking

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A Fully Customisable Solution provides the best of both worlds with our pre-built Hosted Checkout solution. We provide the user interfaces in full to our clients, although businesses still have the capability to customise the design to match their style and branding. This pre-built solution ensures that conversion optimisation designs are already in place for you to take advantage of.

You can customise this solution as much or as little as required, choosing what you think aligns best with your business model. However, it’s recommended that you amend Hosted Checkout to fit the look and feel of your brand, so your customers aren’t confused. Both colours and logos can be added, showing your customers that your Hosted Checkout page is legitimate after being redirected.

Not only does this increase overall trust, but it will also reduce the risk of cart abandonment.


The Use of Rigorous Security Measures

High security standards are a must for any 21st century business. In 2021, it became a legal requirement for SCA (strong customer authentication) to be implemented within all British digital payment systems. Fraudulent activity is also on the rise, so it’s crucial that you use a secure payment solution within your business.’s Hosted Checkout service is built with security in mind, utilising a number of features to prevent fraudulent losses. This innovative solution is backed by international security standard PCI compliance, providing inherent protection for customers and businesses.

However, Hosted Checkout has other, more enhanced security features included, as payment data is encrypted during every transaction. We use 3DS2 (3D Secure 2.0), an authentication protocol that requires the customer to approve a payment in their mobile app or portal. This reduces the risk of fraud if a consumer misplaces their debit/credit card, protecting you from the headache of resolving a fraudulent transaction. is responsible for handling and storing all payment details when you use Hosted Checkout, and will deal with any compliance and security issues that arise.

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A Wide Range of Innovative Features

When you decide to use Hosted Checkout, you’ll get a variety of in-built subscription features included. Hosted Checkout provides seamless experiences for returning customers through a pre-built one-click checkout payment journey, and caters to customers making recurring payments as well.

Payments are streamlined and have a high level of security, ensuring the team handles compliance requirements with ease. Transaction security is guaranteed, due to our in-built PCI compliance and 3DS2 features, taking the security burden from your hands.

Our technical team is on hand to help you with any technical assistance you may require when you utilise our ‘all-in-one’ Hosted Checkout service. We can advise you throughout the entire transaction process, from onboarding and integration – all the way through to payment processing. If you have any technical queries, you can contact us at [email protected].

You’ll also get access to the Hub, as well as our unique reporting tools. Reports can be provided instantly, giving you the information you need most, when you need it. We also offer a dedicated treasury solution, enabling you to move money faster in a cost-effective way.

Streamline Your Checkout with

Hosted Checkout is a smooth payment experience, using a cutting-edge payment model to ensure the success of your brand. Hosted Checkout improves the customer experience by catering directly to your consumer preferences.

We offer a simple checkout process, presenting multiple payment methods with a single integration. As well as our innovative Hosted Checkout solution, we also offer a variety of other payment options, providing a better service for you and your customers.

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