At, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion every day, particularly within the landscape of the Payments industry. As we reach this year’s International Women’s Day, we’d like to shine the spotlight on the incredible women of as they share their insights and experiences of working within the Payments industry. They illuminate the barriers they’ve overcome while working in a male-dominated industry, the opportunities they’ve seized, and how has endeavoured to support them in their careers and beyond.

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Hear from the Women of as they share their experiences of working within the Payments industry.

Alice, Technical Author: Thriving in a Fintech career as a woman and a mother of two in this industry requires resilience, balance, and a dedication to breaking barriers, while gracefully managing both professional advancement and family commitments. has provided me with the incredible opportunity to advance in my career while also supporting my role as a parent to two young children under the age of five.

Emma, Product Manager: Thriving in the payments industry as a woman has been a challenging and rewarding journey. At, our supportive culture ensures equal opportunities, fostering a dynamic environment where I feel empowered to contribute my ideas and expertise. My advice always comes back to embracing the work that seems scary, it’s truly where I’ve learned the most. Leverage your unique perspective and stop apologising. Use Google (or Chat GPT), ask for help, and support one another.

Kimberley, Senior Account Manager: I’ve personally found being a woman in payments very empowering. I’ve been fortunate as at I’m surrounded by experts in the field. Coming from a non-payments background 4 years ago my approach was to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible from my peers, but crucially also taking the initiative to research and educate myself. If you’re a woman who is curious about taking the leap into payments, I highly recommend it. It can be very rewarding and help boost your confidence!

Bethany, Digital Marketing Manager: Being part of a male-dominated industry is a challenge every single day, despite the progress that we’ve seen over the past few years. It may be tricky to start with, but it’s so important to remember that your knowledge and experience are just as important as the other people in the room. Remember to use your voice, be proud that you’re paving the way for other women in the industry, and value the companies that empower you as a woman and genuinely want you to succeed, like!

Jessica, Senior Marketing Manager: From my first day at I felt like my voice could be heard. We all know payments is still a male-dominated sector, but I have never felt that my gender has impacted my ability to thrive in the industry!

Rosie, Onboarding Manager: I can feel very nervous when attending events or meetings when I am the only female in the group. With, I come away from the sessions feeling really proud of myself; I’m proud that my voice is heard and my opinions are valued and listened to. My advice is to be confident and learn to enjoy being in the uncomfortable moments as they always work out better than you would expect.

Jess, Events Marketing Executive: Navigating the payments industry as a woman has been a mix of challenges and excitement. has supported me by trusting my ability and creating opportunities – there’s a lot of room for growth and learning at If you’re aiming for success in this field, embrace the unknown and see it as a chance to grow. Use your unique viewpoint as a woman to your advantage. Most importantly, be confident in your abilities, with determination and a willingness to learn, success in the payments industry is achievable for anyone.

Nitika, Product Manager: Coming from the world of e-commerce and marketplaces into the realm of payments 6 months ago, I find myself on a journey that is both empowering and transformative as a product manager. Learning and navigating through the intricacies of payments, I have discovered a new sense of control and strength, especially when I see myself with other trailblazing women at Acquired driving the crucial component of any business – payments. I love being part of such a supportive and inclusive culture where our product team is 50% women, marketing is 90% women, and HR, finance and accounting is 100% women. Kudos.

Anna, Fractional Marketing Director: I have a fulfilling career and two amazing sons, but as the primary caregiver (which is usually the woman), maintaining both is incredibly hard. After leaving my previous job due to burnout, I rebuilt my health and established myself as a marketing consultant. Shortly after, offered me a fractional marketing role, enabling a better work-life balance and an opportunity to explore other opportunities while I rebuild. Whilst scaling the marketing function I am also assisting the Senior Marketing Manager during her maternity journey, and I am determined to work with the company to support her return to work in the coming months. The company is very focused on helping her through this transition.

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