Abound distinguishes itself in the lending landscape by leveraging ‘financial x-rays’ through AISP Open Banking to ensure fair credit decisions and broaden access to affordable credit. In the latest episode of the Beyond Now Podcast, Mark Johnson and George Boot had the pleasure of catching up with Gerald Chappell, CEO and Co-Founder of Abound.

Several years ago, Abound chose Acquired.com to support them in meeting their intricate payment needs, including insights into their customer journey, optimising efficiency, and enhancing their customer experience.

In the episode, the guests chat about Abound’s journey to upholding their commitment to responsible lending practices, and how they’ve empowered borrowers with better access to credit. Implementing a strong multi-acquiring strategy and having operational resilience has been a key focus for Abound and Acquired.com, and the team were excited to catch up on this as part of the discussion.

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