Providing customers with their preferred payment method is crucial in ecommerce as it can significantly impact the likelihood of purchase completion. A streamlined hosted checkout technology solution is often the driving force behind customers completing their purchase, rather than abandoning their cart when faced with a complicated checkout process.

With this in mind, let’s delve into the ways that merchants can use all-in-one payments solutions, and how’s Hosted Checkout can provide a seamless and slick way for businesses to offer a variety of payment methods with a single integration.

All-in-one consolidated platform benefits

As the ecommerce sector continues to expand, the push for merchants to provide more payment options for their customers is becoming increasingly evident. However, this demand can often bring about challenges, such as the time, cost, and effort involved when integrating each separate payment method.

Alongside this, the increasing popularity of Open Banking solutions (such as Pay by Bank) is another factor that businesses must consider when choosing which payment methods to offer. Many merchants are hesitant to embark on a time-consuming and potentially costly integration for a Open Banking solution and conclude that it isn’t worth doing on its own. This is where solutions like’s Hosted Checkout come into play.

The ability to access a variety of popular payment methods through a single integration (including Pay by Bank, our Open Banking solution) allows merchants to switch payment options on and off as needed. This flexibility gives them the ability to test out which payment options are most commonly utilised by their customers, instead of committing to individual integrations for each payment method.

Improving checkout success rate

In addition to offering a range of payment methods,’s Hosted Checkout solution is also a game-changer when it comes to improving checkout success and reducing the number of abandoned carts.

For example, the ability to tokenise, save card details, and offer returning customers a one-click checkout are all built into the checkout flow – the merchant doesn’t need to supply anything additional to access these features. As a result, from the customer’s side, transactions become quicker and easier than ever.

Checkout customisation

Making the customer experience seamless and providing reassurance through familiar branding on the checkout page is vital. For merchants, a hosted payments page should be flexible enough to meet branding requirements and provide an experience that matches the look and feel of their website. In fact, poorly branded payment pages are often the key reason for low conversion rates.

With’s Hosted Checkout, merchants can easily upload their colour scheme and logo, ensuring continuity from the original domain over to the checkout page. It also provides useful visual cues during card input, such as displaying Mastercard or Visa logos in real time as the customer types in their card details. Customisation features like these seem like a small part of the process, but can actually make a big difference to the overall customer experience.

Remaining compliant

So far we’ve seen that the all-in-one payment solution can offer slick and seamless experiences for customers. But how does the Hosted Checkout benefit the more technical challenges that merchants face?

To put it simply, when using a hosted checkout page, the merchant no longer has to worry about the burden of compliance. is responsible for the handling and storing of customer payment information in our own servers, meaning a merchant doesn’t have the hassle of gaining PCI compliance accreditation.

Unlock success with the all-in-one Hosted Checkout technology’s Hosted Checkout solution provides the flexibility and modernity required by merchants of all sizes. Adding diversity, security and customisation to your checkout will enhance your offering for existing customers, improve conversion rates and drive revenue.

To delve deeper into Hosted Checkout and the wide range of payment options available, get in touch with the experts at today.