Fintern offers low-cost, fair and flexible lending solutions which serve borrowers’ interests and help support their long-term financial health. They analyse live financial data using proprietary AI software, allowing them to qualify customers for low-cost loans with affordable and dynamic repayment plans.

Acquired were selected by Fintern due to their ability to deliver on complex payment and banking requirements along with their consultative and expert approach. Fintern have complete visibility over the whole customer lifecycle delivered by Acquired’s data rich platform that maximises efficiency and customer experience.

Monevo are a Fintech who enable its B2B partners to provide to their consumers personalised  credit comparison of the best products available to them through one single integration. Monevo’s decisioning and technology benefits lenders by finding appropriate consumers for their products from across the market through one relationship.

The Approach and Monevo are both part of the Quint Group, a leading innovative fintech business focused on improving access to credit. On the back of the strong relationship they had built with Fintern, Acquired brokered an introduction between Fintern and Monevo to explore how Monevo’s award winning technology could provide Fintern with a cost effective way of accessing pre-qualified consumers.


Thanks to constant iteration on both sides, Fintern and Monevo have been able to consistently increase the volume of loans disbursed through their partnership each month.

From a compliance perspective, Fintern are paving the way for more responsible lending, and Monevo are helping to facilitate this progress. Fintern are aiming to have a £1billion lending book within the next few years with 70% machine lead decisions and 30% machine assisted decisions when it comes to lending approval. The ability to leverage Monevo’s platform to pre-segment their prospective clients is highly valuable for the business.

Since August, Fintern have also taken advantage of Acquired’s Account Updater Solution. This useful addition helps the business to maintain up-to-date card information for their customers, creating an uninterrupted payment cycle and reduced operational costs associated with manually updating customer information.

Partnership Benefits

This multi-directional partnership brings together three businesses whose are dedicated to providing the best outcome for consumers along with deep data expertise and technology which enables more informed decision making. The combination of Acquired and Monevo’s solutions has provided Fintern with a seamless and optimised experience both during the sales process and throughout their payments ecosystem, delivering significant value to Fintern’s customers.