, a leading payment processing solutions provider, are delighted to announce they are partnering with Queue-Fair, the original patented virtual waiting room for business websites. This partnership will bring together two technology-driven solutions which aim to maximise conversion opportunities for eCommerce businesses.

Businesses that utilise Queue-Fair’s technology will be able to benefit from Acquired’s payments solution and securely process card payments, digital wallets and Faster Payments via web, mobile and virtual terminal with improved conversions and automation. Acquired’s payment gateway provides a rapid, secure, and data-driven solution which is poised to deliver improved customer experience and increased payment acceptance rates.

Matt King, Managing Director, Queue-Fair said “We are bringing together the powerful combination of our virtual waiting room and Acquired’s seamless payment processing platform. Both our businesses are committed to helping businesses optimise conversion rates and I am excited to see the benefits this partnership will bring to businesses with a high volume of website visitors and payment transactions”

This mutually beneficial partnership will also support Acquired’s customers in benefiting from Queue-Fair’s powerful Virtual Waiting Room platform. Allowing businesses to safely manage surplus traffic that would otherwise slow down or even crash websites, in a cost-effective manner. Their solution has been developed in the knowledge that thousands of consumers and customers leave queues due to frustration and anxiety every year, costing businesses thousands in conversions and sales. Queue-Fair helps business ensure that visitors to their website always enjoy a responsive experience, even during very busy times.

Gerald Kitchen,’s CEO said “Website traffic and payment processing issues can cost businesses thousands in unrealised conversions. We are delighted to be working with Queue-Fair to support businesses in perfecting their eCommerce customer experience through streamlined and secure solutions that are focused on improving conversion success rates.”