This week Money 20/20 Europe, the world’s leading event for the financial industry, once again took over Amsterdam, bringing together the brightest minds, innovative technologies, and ground-breaking ideas. Having just got back, I have noted down some of my initial takeaways about the key themes which stood out at this year’s event as transformative trends that are shaping the future of finance.

AI: Empowering the Financial Industry

Artificial intelligence has become a catalyst for change in the financial sector, and Money 20/20 was a testiment to its growing significance. There were numerous discussions and presentations that highlighted the transformative potential of AI across multiple aspects of finance. From customer experience and fraud prevention to risk management and personalised financial advice, AI is clearly revolutionising the way financial institutions operate.

One of the notable discussions revolved around the integration of AI in chatbots and virtual assistants, enabling banks to offer seamless customer service and personalised recommendations. The advancements in natural language processing and machine learning algorithms have allowed these AI-powered tools to understand customer needs better and provide relevant solutions in real-time.

Cross-Border Payments: Breaking Barriers

Money 20/20 delved deep into the realm of cross-border payments, an area that has experienced significant disruptions in recent years. I was particularly impressed with the showcasing of new technologies, and exploring how collaborations are revolutionising the traditional remittance process, making it faster, more secure, and cost-effective.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were at the forefront of discussions on cross-border payments. The decentralised nature of blockchain enables faster transactions and reduces reliance on intermediaries, making it an ideal solution for cross-border remittances. There were a number of blockchain-based companies showcasing their innovations and discussing the potential for widespread adoption.

Neobanks: The Rise of Digital Financial Institutions

Neobanks, or digital-only banks, have been disrupting the banking landscape by offering user-friendly interfaces, personalised experiences and innovative financial products. There was considerable light shed light on the exponential growth of neobanks and the shift in consumer preferences towards digital banking solutions. Interesting insights were shared on how neobanks are leveraging AI and data analytics to deliver superior customer experiences. These digital banks focus on convenience, affordability, and agility, catering to the needs of tech-savvy customers who seek seamless financial services.

Furthermore, discussions emphasised the importance of partnerships between traditional financial institutions and neobanks. Collaboration between the two entities can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, with traditional banks gaining access to innovative technologies, while neobanks can tap into existing customer bases and regulatory expertise.


Once again Money 20/20 lived up to its reputation of being the biggest and best payments event of the year, providing an invaluable platform for showcasing the latest advancements and trends in the financial industry. For me, AI, cross-border payments, and neobanks emerged as dominant themes.

The event highlighted how AI is transforming the financial sector, enabling personalised customer experiences, risk management, and fraud prevention. It also underscored the significant disruptions taking place in cross-border payments, with blockchain technology and neobanks reshaping the remittance landscape. This event served as a spotlight for the growing influence of neobanks, emphasising their role in redefining banking experiences and fostering digital financial inclusion.

As this event continues to push the boundaries of innovation, it serves as a compass for the future of finance, guiding industry professionals towards a more connected, intelligent, and customer-centric financial ecosystem. I am already looking forward to next year!