In the latest episode of the Beyond Now Podcast, Justin Hanna and George Boot had the pleasure of catching up with Sarah Naylor, Sales Director at Duke’s Bailiffs, and the latest Vice President of the Civil Enforcement Association.

In the discussion, Sarah focused on her experience in the enforcement industry, including how she has navigated a male-dominated industry as a woman in the Duke’s Bailiffs’ senior team.

During a deep dive into the work undertaken at Duke’s Bailiffs, the conversation also explored the importance of making the payment experience for debtors as easy and accessible as possible. Highlighting the impact of vulnerability on the ability to pay, Sarah, George, and Justin identify that the key solution is early engagement with the customer and utilising technology to do this.

By balancing the use of technology and a digital journey with more human elements has been a vital focus for and Duke’s Bailiffs, and the team were thrilled to catch up on this as part of the discussion.

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