, the UK payments specialist and payment initiation service provider, has launched an all-in-one Hosted Checkout solution to equip merchants with the ability to offer all major payment methods, including Open Banking payments, via a single integration. 

Hosted Checkout is a pre-built, highly customisable and quick to deploy solution that will allow merchants to accept credit and debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Open Banking payments through a single integration. The solution addresses the financial and operational burdens faced by merchants undertaking multiple integrations in order to offer different payment methods to their customers.

“We believe that our Hosted Checkout solution solves a key challenge for merchants who want to deliver a variety of payment methods for their customers but are reluctant to undertake numerous time-consuming integrations. In particular, the ability to offer Open Banking payments, a payment method that is yet to see widespread use in many sectors, alongside other payment methods and without the need for a separate integration is a game changer for forward-thinking merchants.” – Mark Johnson, Commercial Director,

For merchants looking to integrate Apple Pay & Google Pay,’s Hosted Checkout eliminates the need to create a developer account and submit an application to Apple and Google directly, in addition to streamlining the technical aspect of integration. Integrating an Open Banking solution traditionally involves working with a different provider than a business’ card payment processor, with’s Hosted Checkout merchants can easily adopt open banking payments through’s own solution.

Aside from the benefits of a single integration to gain access to all major payment methods,’s Hosted Checkout solution presents several other benefits.

Customisation options

The solution has also been built with easy configuration and customisation features, including the ability to enable or disable different payment methods without any coding. The solution also includes a variety of customisable design features, meaning merchants can align the Hosted Checkout branding and colours to match the look and feel of their website, creating a consistent and memorable brand experience.

 Open Banking Adoption’s Hosted Checkout offers Open Banking payments alongside cards and digital wallets in a single checkout. At present, traditional payment methods dwarf the use of open banking alternatives. Committing to an open banking integration without certainty about customer adoption remains a financial risk that many merchants are reluctant to undertake.’s Hosted Checkout solution addresses this concern by enabling the inclusion of Open Banking payments alongside traditional payment methods. This not only empowers customers with a variety of payment choices but also spares merchants the burden of an additional time-consuming integration process for a new payment method.

Jamie Lynch, Product Manager at commented that “Hosted Checkout is another weapon in our arsenal that gives businesses freedom and flexibility in the payments methods they offer, and the look and feel of their checkout. We believe that this solution has the ability to drive Open Banking adoption for merchants in a variety of sectors and support consumer uptake with minimal integration hassle.”

Hosted Checkout is the latest solution from’s suite of payments services.