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Leverage leading payment rails

Payment rails are the networks that power real-time payments. Our platform provides access to multiple payment rails, offering flexibility and reach when sending or receiving money.

Automate payouts with Faster Payments, the trusted network for UK instant bank transfers.

Reach your customers globally with Visa Direct. Send real-time payments directly to VISA debit, prepaid or credit cards internationally.

Offer worldwide reach with Mastercard Send. Deliver secure and instant payments directly to Mastercard debit, prepaid or credit cards.


icon Best-in-Class Experience

Provide instant access to funds with Real-Time Payments

Payouts to Consumers: Send funds directly into their accounts for loans, insurance claims, or to provide access to their earnings – all within seconds.

Payouts to Businesses: Give businesses more control over their cash flow with immediate access to sales revenue and funds.

Cross-border Remittances: Facilitate fast and secure cross-border payments, ensuring speedy delivery to your recipient’s bank account or digital wallet.

Streamline Operations

Secure managed accounts infrastructure for seamless operations

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Enhanced control

Segregate funds across unlimited accounts, keeping your finances streamlined and organised.

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Automatic reconciliation

Eliminate manual reconciliation tasks with automated processes that save valuable time.

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Real-time payment visibility

Receive real-time updates whenever funds are received or disbursed from your account.