As we recognise International Women’s Day 2022, we can’t help but reflect on the brilliant women within Acquired. Operating in a sector that has traditionally lacked equal gender representation, we are delighted that at Acquired over 40% of our workforce is female.  Today, as we as celebrate women’s achievement we asked some of our talented team to select the most important piece of career advice that they would give their younger self, with a view to inspiring future generations of female leaders.

Be kind to yourself and to others, help those around you and work for a company that inspires you and makes you want to work hard. It’s okay not to always know the answer, just do your best, believe in yourself and things will fall into place. But don’t beat yourself up when they don’t, it’s all part of the learning curve – Kim

Believe in yourself, build confidence that you are capable to do what you want, if you really want it. – Rosie

Keep developing your abilities and skills, don’t stay in a job where you aren’t challenged. Believe in yourself and always respect feedback – Marissa

Don’t shy away from the work and tasks that scare you, that is where you will learn the most. Be confident. Use Google. Ask for help and remember that there are no failures, just learning opportunities! – Emma

Always believe in your capabilities and never doubt your skills. Speak up for yourself and whenever you have an idea or a different to the crowd opinion be confident to speak out. – Adelina

You will learn the most at work when you are challenging yourself, so say yes to any opportunities that come your way, even if you think they will be tough or you don’t know if you are ready. This is the best way of developing new skills. – Jess

Be brave, take the opportunities, grab the risks and step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll realise they are not as scary as they seem! Also, embrace and seek out those people who lift you up, boost your energy or multiply your superpowers – those are the people we need more of in life – Winnie