is proud to unveil its unique Dispute Management Solution which offers merchants a single platform to view, respond to and track their disputes. The solution is widely believed by industry experts across the Acquiring, Payment & Fraud industries to be the first of its kind.

Acquired has successfully completed its objective of implementing a system which enables the full end-to-end automation of the dispute process. The solution ensures that all dispute data is presented to merchants together with its associated transactional data. A number of dispute related features are supported within the platform including the ability to raise ‘one-click’ dispute responses in addition to viewing the outcome of the dispute i.e. lost or recovered.

This level of functionality ensures that Acquired’s Dispute Management Solution provides greater visibility over the dispute lifecycle than any other solution today. Merchants utilising the solution can focus more effort on their core business and dedicate significantly less time to dispute related tasks.

Acquired’s Dispute Management Solution was designed by its team of payment experts who have extensive knowledge of the dispute lifecycle and an appreciation for the challenges that merchants often encounter when working with disputes.