are committed to reducing barriers for businesses wanting to migrate their card data. As part of our commitment Acquired Payments has pledged to support Credit Card Data Portability.

To this end, has developed a data migration solution that is simple, efficient and free for businesses choosing to migrate data to us. Our data migration process is available to view – here.

By supporting Credit Card Data Portability we are agreeing to work with your incumbent payment service providers when migrating data to us.

When migrating data to us, the import file must contain at least the following data fields:

  • Unique transaction ID
  • Card Number
  • Card Type
  • Expiration Date

With this information, we will be able to tokenise your card data in our Level 1 PCI DSS v3.2 compliant environment. The tokenised details can be used for future payment attempts.

By supporting Credit Card Data Portability we are also agreeing to provide credit card data and associated transaction information (sensitive data) upon request in a PCI Compliant manner to you should you ever choose to move away from us. Before completing any export of data we will require the AOC of your new chosen payment service provider to confirm their PCI DSS compliance status. To execute the export we will require their public encryption key to encrypt all sensitive data completing the transfer via SFTP.