has officially launched their new Hosted Payment Page (HPP) solution that offers merchants a simple and flexible way to accept online payments while also offering complete control over the checkout experience.

When we say “complete control” we mean it, this is your code just hosted by us.

Unlike similar solutions the Acquired HPP allows you, the merchant, to create your own payment page that we will host in our Level 1 PCI DSS v3.2 compliant environment.

Templates consisting of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, image and font files can be easily uploaded through the Acquired Dashboard. This goes beyond current market capabilities available today allowing you to control every element displayed to the customer. The Acquired HPP makes it possible for your website to maintain the unique look and feel your designers have created, reusing the code your developers have written.

The best bit, since we’ll be hosting all these files for you, no element of the page will be originating from your website. You complete the shortened PCI DSS SAQ A (meaning no ASV scans or penetration testing) and get to create your own payment page. are constantly striving to remove limitations for our merchants to maximise conversions and increase sales. Additional benefits of the Acquired HPP include:

  • Utilise front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Materialize by uploading the libraries along with your template.
  • Any request parameter can be captured or displayed in the hosted environment by personal and address details as well as custom parameters for whatever you need.
  • Direct Server-to-Server feedback with multiple retries if we are unable to connect, meaning you’ll never miss a response.
  • Create multiple device and browser specific templates to ensure the best user experience for your customers.
  • Due to the enhanced level of customisation available the HPP can be easily integrated within a Lightbox or i-Frame solution.